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This is a list of all the members that do commissions!
If you want your commission info on here please go ahead and note us!
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices $5 ALLLL the way to $80
Commission TypeDigital Paintings sketches and traditional watercolors
MessageSeriously anything goes, If you want it drawn I will draw it no matter how strange/controversial it is ^ ^

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices: :points: 50 / :dollarus: $5 :dollarus: $15 ($2 for extra ponies)
Commission Type: Digital drawings/paintings of any kind.
Message:  ~~~I draw anything, from canon to fan character, shipping and pairings, mature and innocent art. Have an idea? Just ask! I'm eager to help.~~~

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
lowest+Highest prices 30:points: or $0.38 up to 370+:points: or $4.63+
commission type Digital Images, OCs and cannon in show style
message I can do pony OCs and other animal OCs, just ask me about it…
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 10:points: :dollarus:$15
Commission Type Anything

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 280:points:/$3.50 each
Commission Type Pony Icons
Message I have a lot of fun doing Ponies for other people~ :3

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus:$2 :dollarus: $5
Commission Type Anything from a sketch to a completed picture.
MessageI try to make my rates cheap and affordable.…
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus:$5 :dollarus:$25
Commission Type Anythingo9l
Message I also do flash animations…
Paypal :bulletred: No
Lowest+Highest Prices :points:5 :points:60
Commission Type  Digital ponies, pretty much anything PG rated
Message  Send me a note if you'd like a commish!…
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus:$2 :dollarus: $10
Commission Type pretty much anything. Ask about nsfw stuff
Message  Please please please send through a note if intrested as comments tend to get lost Check out my gallery for examples

Paypal: :bulletred: no
Lowest+Highest Prices: 100 :points: 1200+ :points:
Commission Type: digital and icon/pixel
Message: I would love to try a few challenging poses so if you have somthing in mind just note me for a commission ^^

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest + Highest: $4.00 - $70+
Commission Type:Digital, cartoon or semi-realistic, anthro or show style. I can also draw pokemon, dragons, animals furries, etc. and I specialize in Egyptian-themed characters or making your character look Egyptian.

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest + Highest: 25 :points: or $1 - $5
Commission Type: Digital drawings

Paypal: :bulletred: No
Lowest + Highest: :points: 5 - :points: 20
Commission Type: Colored or non-colored traditional sketches
Message: I do MLP OC's or Canon MLP characters! G-rated only.

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest + Highest: $5 - varies
Commission Type: Can do simple gif animations
Message:  Can do simple gif animations, discounts if you refer me. Note me about point commissions.

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest + Highest: $5 --- $30
Commission Type: Animations, paintings, and drawings
Message: I do high-quality hand-drawn OC animations

:iconsakurakaijuu: [link]
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus: $7.50 (sketch base-price) $15.00 (full color base-price) and up -- see my link for details.
Commission Type Sketches to full color pieces, digital or traditional
Message I draw high quality ponies -- it's something I'm accidentally good at. I love turning non-pony characters into ponies, and have a lot of fun drawing other people's OC's and OC situations. Check out my gallery for samples!

Paypal :bulletgreen: yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 20 - 200+ :points:
Commission Type digital oc drawings
Message Chibi head ponies start at 150:points: and go up with complexity and detail. All adoptables are 20 points. (I can also do digital painting but it will take me longer and cost more).

:iconoctober-owl: Go to Profile for prices
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus: $1 depending on complexity of pony
Commission Type Custom pony OCs
MessageLimited to 3 commissions of each type at a time

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus:$15 :dollarus:22
Commission Type Digital drawings/paintings.
Message  I'll do both innocent and mature art (nothing hardcore) of both canon and original characters.

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :points: 50 :dollarus: $20 (can be higher)
Commission Type pretty much anything
Message  I can do anything from cute an chubby/chibi to very detail work all depends on what you want and the price we set up (I also do non pony commissions as well)

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus: $5
Commission Type Digital Drawings
Message I have high experience in drawing MLP OCs for other people and helping them develop their characters from the ground up; cutiemark, name, etc! I also draw MLP fanart! My work is cheap and I get it done quickly!…
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 5 - 160 :points: // $0.10-$1.50 :dollarus:
Commission Type  Digital, ponies
Message  Send a note if interested
Paypal :bulletgreen: yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus: $3 :dollarus: $15
Commission Type  I do Oc's, Main Ponies,and any other show species and new chibi's!
Message  I love drawing ponies~ So I'll work hard to make a picture you'll just love~ > w o

:icontewi-kun: [link]…
Paypal: :bulletred: No
Lowest + Highest: The prices are bewteen 80 - 100
Commission Type: Digital in flat colors , I can work too in grayscale . I can draw Ocs and main characters.…
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 160 :points: :dollarus: $15
Commission TypeDigital art

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices $5-$15
Commission Typeanything digital drawing
MessageMessage I specialize in humanized ponies. send me a note for details

Paypal :bulletgreen: No
Lowest+Highest Prices :points: 0 :points: 30
Commission TypeDigital/Traditional ponies, occasional foxes.Custom ponies or requested adoptables.
MessageNote me or comment on my page, ill note you the price.

Paypal :bulletred: No
Lowest+Highest Prices :points: 150- :points: 300
Commission Type Sketches to Full Digital (Backgrounds can be included)
Message Commissions are going to be open all time unless I say otherwise. If you are interested please note me with the info I need (included in the commission Info)

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices $1- $10
Commission Type: Digital Drawings
Message : All my pony art is G rated. I also have good experience at making up OC's from scratch. Note me if you are interested in a commission.

Paypal :bulletred: no
Lowest+Highest Prices 30 :points:  for pony ocs, 45 :points: for mice ponies.
Commission Type: Digital, Pony, Mouse (sorry, don't kick me!), and Holiday.
Message I draw mice (I like a mouse game) and MLP (I watch that, it's cute) but I fail.

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices$1 - $15
Commission Type sketch, transparent full colour, speed paint.
Messagei have a limit of 3 OCs per image, and I'll only take points if you don't have a paypal account. (i wont take points for speed painting) I'll draw anything, both OCs and Canons. (:

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices$2,00 + $1,00 per extra pony
Commission TypeDigital, almost flat-colored, but slightly shadowed. Black lineart
MessageI draw ponies in my own style, and I take some time.…

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices: $5 - $70 Canadian, 400-2000 :points: use this to round it out:
Commission: Animating your MLP OCs in Flash
Message: I'll animate your character within reason of what you ask. I don't do "mature content" ponies. Usually takes anywhere between 1-5 weeks, depending on how complex or simple you want it.…

Paypal:  :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices: $2 - $7
Commission Type: Digital drawings

Paypal: :bulletred: No
Lowest+Highest Prices: 12:points:-25:points:
Commission Type: Icons

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices: $1 - $20
Commission Type: Sketches and Digital drawings

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices: $5-12
Commission Type: Lineless digital drawings…
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :points: 50-800 :dollarus:$2-$20
Commission Type sketch, flat colour full colour, chibi, portrait ect...

Paypal :bulletred: No
Lowest+Highest Prices :points: 10 - 40
Commission Type Sketches, Head portraits, Cutie Marks, Wallpapers

Paypal :bulletred: No
Lowest+Highest Prices :points: 50 - 100
Commission Type Digital,pony,experiments,wolves/animals!
Message: I Draw ponies, wolves, and experiments(lilo & stitch)

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 500:points:/ $5 - 5000:points:/ $50 ($5 per add character)
Commission Type digital drawings/paintings of any kind.
Message: I'll draw basically anything you want, sfw, mild nsfw, ponies, furries, human, anthro, whatever you want! I'm still in school, but I work fast!

Paypal: :bulletred: No
Lowest+Highest Prices: Free (Until 1000 views on Profile)
Commission Type: 3D OC models, Animations, GIFs and Posters.
Message: I will create a 3D model of your OC for use in SFM. I'll also create a poster/GIF/Animation of your OC for you. All in 3D (Will use Photoshop)

Paypal:  :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 200points/$2.50 - 5,000points/$50.00
Commission TypeIcons/short gifs, digital, traditional, multiple things. Message:No flash animation.
Wide range of things I can do, but I always use points = cash system.
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