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Commissions and The Rules of the Group

Link to the rules of the group

Welcome to Digital Pony OC's!
feel free to join us!

Brony Emblem by klaxa

This group is built solely to help and support the artists in it! We advertise streams, commissioners and will eventually have a "draw our OCs" monthly. Feel free to ask me :iconthetriforcebearer: or :iconi-redeemer-i: questions about the group or pretty much anything else! We both love conversation ^^

This is a list of all the members that do commissions!
If you want your commission info on here please go ahead and note us!
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices $5 ALLLL the way to $80
Commission TypeDigital Paintings sketches and traditional watercolors
MessageSeriously anything goes, If you want it drawn I will draw it no matter how strange/controversial it is ^ ^

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices: :points: 50 / :dollarus: $5 :dollarus: $15 ($2 for extra ponies)
Commission Type: Digital drawings/paintings of any kind.
Message: ~~~I draw anything, from canon to fan character, shipping and pairings, mature and innocent art. Have an idea? Just ask! I'm eager to help.~~~

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
lowest+Highest prices 30:points: or $0.38 up to 370+:points: or $4.63+
commission type Digital Images, OCs and cannon in show style
message I can do pony OCs and other animal OCs, just ask me about it…
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 10:points: :dollarus:$15
Commission Type Anything…
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus:$3 :dollarus:$15
Commission Type Specialist in OC Ponies and Custom Designs/Gala Attire.
Message I also offer gift packs that offer money off on multiple pieces c:

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 280:points:/$3.50 each
Commission Type Pony Icons
Message I have a lot of fun doing Ponies for other people~ :3

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus:$2 :dollarus: $5
Commission Type Anything from a sketch to a completed picture.
MessageI try to make my rates cheap and affordable.…
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus:$5 :dollarus:$25
Commission Type Anythingo9l
Message I also do flash animations…
Paypal :bulletred: No
Lowest+Highest Prices :points:5 :points:60
Commission Type Digital ponies, pretty much anything PG rated
Message Send me a note if you'd like a commish!…
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus:$2 :dollarus: $10
Commission Type pretty much anything. Ask about nsfw stuff
Message Please please please send through a note if intrested as comments tend to get lost Check out my gallery for examples

Paypal: :bulletred: no
Lowest+Highest Prices: 100 :points: 1200+ :points:
Commission Type: digital and icon/pixel
Message: I would love to try a few challenging poses so if you have somthing in mind just note me for a commission ^^

Paypal: :bulletred: No
Lowest + Highest: 8:points: to 160:points: (Excluding any extra costs)
Commission Type: Digital, traditional and pixel art. I can do ponies, Pokemon, and any type of animal.
Message: I have special deals and discounts often. I'm also the creator of the connecting pony icons floating around dA (I take commissions for those too). Please remember to note me if you commission me since comments can easily get lost.

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest + Highest: 25 :points: or $1 - $5
Commission Type: Digital drawings

Paypal: :bulletred: No
Lowest + Highest: :points: 5 - :points: 20
Commission Type: Colored or non-colored traditional sketches
Message: I do MLP OC's or Canon MLP characters! G-rated only.

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest + Highest: $5 - varies
Commission Type: Can do simple gif animations
Message: Can do simple gif animations, discounts if you refer me. Note me about point commissions.

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest + Highest: $5 --- $30
Commission Type: Animations, paintings, and drawings
Message: I do high-quality hand-drawn OC animations

:iconsakurakaijuu: [link]
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus: $7.50 (sketch base-price) $15.00 (full color base-price) and up -- see my link for details.
Commission Type Sketches to full color pieces, digital or traditional
Message I draw high quality ponies -- it's something I'm accidentally good at. I love turning non-pony characters into ponies, and have a lot of fun drawing other people's OC's and OC situations. Check out my gallery for samples!

Paypal :bulletgreen: yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 20 - 200+ :points:
Commission Type digital oc drawings
Message Chibi head ponies start at 150:points: and go up with complexity and detail. All adoptables are 20 points. (I can also do digital painting but it will take me longer and cost more).

:iconoctober-owl: Go to Profile for prices
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus: $1 depending on complexity of pony
Commission Type Custom pony OCs
MessageLimited to 3 commissions of each type at a time

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus:$15 :dollarus:22
Commission Type Digital drawings/paintings.
Message I'll do both innocent and mature art (nothing hardcore) of both canon and original characters.

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :points: 50 :dollarus: $20 (can be higher)
Commission Type pretty much anything
Message I can do anything from cute an chubby/chibi to very detail work all depends on what you want and the price we set up (I also do non pony commissions as well)

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus: $5
Commission Type Digital Drawings
Message I have high experience in drawing MLP OCs for other people and helping them develop their characters from the ground up; cutiemark, name, etc! I also draw MLP fanart! My work is cheap and I get it done quickly!…
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 5 - 160 :points: // $0.10-$1.50 :dollarus:
Commission Type Digital, ponies
Message Send a note if interested
Paypal :bulletgreen: yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 5$ - 10$ :dollarus: // 50 - 90 :points:
Commission Type Ponys! OC's with the main charas or just the main chara
Message I draw them in the show style.
Paypal :bulletgreen: yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :dollarus: $3 :dollarus: $15
Commission Type I do Oc's, Main Ponies,and any other show species and new chibi's!
Message I love drawing ponies~ So I'll work hard to make a picture you'll just love~ > w o

:icontewi-kun: [link]…
Paypal: :bulletred: No
Lowest + Highest: The prices are bewteen 80 - 100
Commission Type: Digital in flat colors , I can work too in grayscale . I can draw Ocs and main characters.…
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 160 :points: :dollarus: $15
Commission TypeDigital art

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices $5-$15
Commission Typeanything digital drawing
MessageMessage I specialize in humanized ponies. send me a note for details

Paypal :bulletgreen: No
Lowest+Highest Prices :points: 0 :points: 30
Commission TypeDigital/Traditional ponies, occasional foxes.Custom ponies or requested adoptables.
MessageNote me or comment on my page, ill note you the price.

Paypal :bulletred: No
Lowest+Highest Prices :points: 150- :points: 300
Commission Type Sketches to Full Digital (Backgrounds can be included)
Message Commissions are going to be open all time unless I say otherwise. If you are interested please note me with the info I need (included in the commission Info)

Paypal :bulletgreen: No
Lowest+Highest Prices :points: 20 :points: 680
Commission Type Digital My Little pony art, of Cannons and OCs. Vectors, sketches and paintings~

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices $1- $10
Commission Type: Digital Drawings
Message : All my pony art is G rated. I also have good experience at making up OC's from scratch. Note me if you are interested in a commission.

Paypal :bulletred: no
Lowest+Highest Prices 30 :points: for pony ocs, 45 :points: for mice ponies.
Commission Type: Digital, Pony, Mouse (sorry, don't kick me!), and Holiday.
Message I draw mice (I like a mouse game) and MLP (I watch that, it's cute) but I fail.

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices$1 - $15
Commission Type sketch, transparent full colour, speed paint.
Messagei have a limit of 3 OCs per image, and I'll only take points if you don't have a paypal account. (i wont take points for speed painting) I'll draw anything, both OCs and Canons. (:

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices$2,00 + $1,00 per extra pony
Commission TypeDigital, almost flat-colored, but slightly shadowed. Black lineart
MessageI draw ponies in my own style, and I take some time.…

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices: $5 - $70 Canadian, 400-2000 :points: use this to round it out:
Commission: Animating your MLP OCs in Flash
Message: I'll animate your character within reason of what you ask. I don't do "mature content" ponies. Usually takes anywhere between 1-5 weeks, depending on how complex or simple you want it.…

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices: $2 - $7
Commission Type: Digital drawings

Paypal: :bulletred: No
Lowest+Highest Prices: 12:points:-25:points:
Commission Type: Icons

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices: $1 - $20
Commission Type: Sketches and Digital drawings

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices: $5-12
Commission Type: Lineless digital drawings…
Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices :points: 50-800 :dollarus:$2-$20
Commission Type sketch, flat colour full colour, chibi, portrait ect...

Paypal :bulletred: No
Lowest+Highest Prices :points: 10 - 40
Commission Type Sketches, Head portraits, Cutie Marks, Wallpapers

Paypal :bulletred: No
Lowest+Highest Prices :points: 50 - 100
Commission Type Digital,pony,experiments,wolves/animals!
Message: I Draw ponies, wolves, and experiments(lilo & stitch)

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 500:points:/ $5 - 5000:points:/ $50 ($5 per add character)
Commission Type digital drawings/paintings of any kind.
Message: I'll draw basically anything you want, sfw, mild nsfw, ponies, furries, human, anthro, whatever you want! I'm still in school, but I work fast!

Paypal: :bulletred: No
Lowest+Highest Prices: Free (Until 1000 views on Profile)
Commission Type: 3D OC models, Animations, GIFs and Posters.
Message: I will create a 3D model of your OC for use in SFM. I'll also create a poster/GIF/Animation of your OC for you. All in 3D (Will use Photoshop)

Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices 200points/$2.50 - 5,000points/$50.00
Commission TypeIcons/short gifs, digital, traditional, multiple things. Message:No flash animation.
Wide range of things I can do, but I always use points = cash system.
To spark some conversation in this group again let me ask what our members are doing?
Any cool projects you guys are working on?
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