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Commissions and The Rules of the Group

Visitors Please Note!

This group is affected by a glitch on dA. This is making it impossible to move artwork outside of the "Submit here" folder.
Deviantart has been notified of the glitch.

To the visitors: This group is active, however we are unable to organize our folders due to a bug with deviantart. We cannot run any contests, organize folders or do certain tasks until this is resolved.

Welcome to Digital Pony OC's!

Feel free to join us!

Brony Emblem by klaxa

We are working on making it easier for all Digital Pony artists to communicate and talk together. We also do our best to give Commissioners the attention they deserve.

Think of this group as a hangout spot for pony artists~
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Beta Chat

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Commission List

Commission List -Please check if yours is accurateThis is a list of all the members that do commissions!
If you want your commission info on here please go ahead and note us!

Paypal :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices $5 ALLLL the way to $80
Commission TypeDigital Paintings sketches and traditional watercolors
MessageSeriously anything goes, If you want it drawn I will draw it no matter how strange/controversial it is ^ ^
Paypal: :bulletgreen: Yes
Lowest+Highest Prices: :points: 50 / :dollarus: $5 :dollarus: $15 ($2 for extra ponies)
Commission Type: Digital drawings/paintings of any kind.
Message:  ~~~I draw anything, from canon to fan character, shipping and pairings, mature and innocent art. Have an idea? Just ask! I'm eager to help.~~~
Paypal :bulletgreen:






Gallery Folders

Past Contests




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Of course this is nothing personal and is not trying to shame such artwork or the practice of it.
It is a difficult grey area where it meets mature standards of Da but is heavily affiliated with sexual behavior and sexual connotations.
A few people recently have been submitting such works and had me place this new rule.
I want to keep this OC group in a PG 13 - Young Teen setting, thus why this new rule is in place.  

What classifies as Fetish Art

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Any artwork that is solely designed to satisfy a particular niche desire with a sexual response even if it the image it'self is not explicit.
This is hard to place in "written rules" and will depend on human judgment over whether it is or not.

This also goes for "saucy" artwork.
Saucy artwork to a point is fine. It's a little easier to police since it matches Da's rules.
A little "plot" and whatnot is fine but that's mostly where it ends.

Other than that, I hope you all have a good new year and wish you all good luck on your endeavors!
I hope this journal doesn't result in anger and pitchforks
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Stalking the Visitors

Weee see youuu~
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